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How to help your teen stay healthy on social media

In the 1980s our version of social media were Slam books. Spiral notebooks that you could write about your interests and hobbies, and more importantly, who you liked. I remember this looking like a rating scale of 1-10 based only on appearance. Yuck. Boys would rate girls, girls would rate boys. Slam books would have … Continue reading How to help your teen stay healthy on social media

Summer updates

I feel like summer is flying by. How is it almost July already? I thought I would give an update on what we have been doing. Summer feels very different with a house of teenagers. I can still very clearly remember the summers where the kiddos were booked with camps every single week. Those days … Continue reading Summer updates

grumpy teens

I will start off by acknowledging that the last week of school is always stressful. The schedule is never regular, there are often overnight school trips which mean less good sleep, and most of all, parents moving mountains to get the teenagers to all the school and social engagements that come with the last week … Continue reading grumpy teens